As a home owner myself, I know first hand how the home operates and how to control energy usage in the home.

Call me or my partners at Green Tex Energy Savers and we will gladly go over your home to explain how your home measures up to ours and give you FREE ESTIMATES for any improvements you desire.

There are 9 basic things I did to my home which continue to pay dividends.

1. Radiant Barrier: This is by far the best bang for the buck that I have ever spent. Enough cannot be said about the benefits of Radiant Barrier. We proudly install this product and can guarantee that you will get a return on your investment for this product.

2. Attic Ventiallation: Dead air space in your attic is your enemy. This is a great DIY job, but you need to understand what, where and how.

3. Solar Screens: I can build you custom Solar screens for an average of $3.50 per sq ft. You will be shocked at how much heat enters your Western and Southern windows in the heat of a Texas Summer.

4. Insulation: In Texas you almost can't get enough!

5. Energy Efficient HVAC

6. Compact Flouresenct Lighting

7. Caulking

8. High E- Windows

9. Shopping Electrical Rates at POWERTOCHOOSE.COM

These upgrades have created a very comfortable living space and an easy to open energy bill.

American-Craftsmen can provide all of these services, except HVAC, for you at very reasonable prices.