A dear friend of mine, Kat Donnell, created this wonderful forum called Round Town. She is a constant horn tooting in the night for all things good in our little corner of this crazy world. Her tireless efforts to promote local businesses is paying off for everyone involved and we cannot thank her enough for her time, energy and constant smile! 

About Round Town

So, ‘Round Town has gone from idea, to product, to voice of the community and now includes a website. It is all because of the support from you, the community.

The little paper that could (as I like to call it) started as a fun read, something to take your mind off of all the negativity and offer you a chuckle, a laugh or even a hmmm moment.

It was brought to my attention that where the fun little vignettes such as Fung Shui Living or Green Living Tips had a place, there might need to be some meat, like addressing local concerns of the people that live here. So “Can Somebody Please Tell Me Why” was created. It kicked up a storm too. The city of Wylie has been very generous with their answers in addressing these issues and feedback has included Mayor Hogue, City Manager Mindy Manson and Craig Kelly, information officer.

But more than anything, ‘Round Town reminds you to do business with your neighbors. It is important to keep our tax dollars local. Kat’s Corner in the very first issue of ‘Round Town reads:

So everywhere we look these days, there is bad news. It pretty much covers everything from A to Z too. And… it is consistent, if nothing else. Because of my profession in media communications, I am able to at least provide a little relief. ‘Round Town, Life is Good is an easy read, full of interesting little tidbits. Hopefully, you can smile, laugh out loud and even find some useful living tips.

‘Round Town also covers another issue, the growth of our communities. Many people moved to this area because they wanted the small town feel that it offered. Even in this economic climate, we are seeing buildings going up left and right. One of the things that keep a community close is the relationships that are built. Supporting local business helps maintain those relationships.

In addition to keeping the tax dollars in the community, there is just something warm and fuzzy about doing business with the people you know and trust, people with integrity. That’s what communities are all about. I’ve included some area businesses in “Round Town.” Some you may know, some not. Go out and make some new friends, visit some you haven’t seen in a while or stop at that new place you have wanted to check out. Be a part of the neighborhood and…have a sparkling day while you’re at it!!